Enjoy Portable Dishwashing with NOVETE’s Space-Saving Countertop Dishwasher

Make quick work of post-meal cleanup with NOVETE’s versatile countertop dishwasher. This compact yet mighty appliance delivers full-size cleaning power for small kitchens, RVs, offices and anywhere you need a convenient dishwashing solution.

Compact Size with Large 4 Place Setting Capacity

Measuring just 16.9 x 16.8 x 18.1 inches, this portable dishwasher fits easily on counters without occupying much space. Despite its small footprint, the double-layer rack design can hold up to 4 place settings of dishes, cups, utensils and more.

The interior accommodates 12-inch dinner plates loaded diagonally. With a slim profile under 18 inches tall, this unit tucks conveniently under cabinets when not in use.

Built-in Water Tank Enables Hookup-Free Operation

Thanks to the integrated 5-liter water tank, this countertop dishwasher can operate anywhere without hooking up to a faucet. Just fill the tank and plug into an outlet to get started. An indicator light lets you know when water levels are low.

You can also connect the included inlet hose to use automatic water filling directly from the sink for continuous operation. Drain water via the side hookup hose.

Powerful Cycles for Sparkling Clean Dishes

This dishwasher packs serious cleaning power with 5 specialized wash cycles. Normal tackles daily loads in 119 minutes while Speed cuts time down to just 29 minutes.

The Baby Care cycle provides extra hot 167°F washing for sanitizing bottles, cups and utensils. Fruit Wash gently cleans produce. Soft properly cares for delicate glassware.

Built-in Dryer and Storage for Fresh Clean Dishes

After washing, dishes are dried using the integrated dryer function for 60 minutes. This prevents moisture accumulation and odor buildup during storage.

The transparent door and interior LED allow you to monitor cycle status. With ventilation between washes, dishes stay fresher up to 72 hours when kept in the unit.

Quality Design with Intuitive Controls

Operating the NOVETE dishwasher is simple with the user-friendly LED touch control panel. See the cycle status and time remaining clearly on the smooth-surface display.

The sturdy stainless steel interior resists stains and corrosion for long-lasting performance. All accessories like racks, basket and fruit holder are included for out-of-the-box convenience.

Eliminate hand washing and enjoy spotless dishes with the space-saving NOVETE countertop dishwasher. It’s perfect for any small space where you need an extra cleaning cycle for dishes, cups, and cutlery.

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