BELIEVE ME is an apparel company started by two women who were sick of the normalization of sexual violence. Our designs feature anti-sexual violence and pro-consent messaging in order to empower people and start a dialogue. Part of the profits on our "no means no" hats go directly to The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, an organization that works to stamp out sexual violence and provide support and resources for survivors. Part of the profits on our "consent is key" hats go directly to Project Consent, an organization running an amazing campaign to raise awareness about sexual violence and the importance of consent. We hope to one day live in a world where a company like believe me does not need to exist. Until ALL our spaces are free from sexual assault and violence, we'll keep on creating empowering apparel. 

THE FOUNDERS are Hana, an avid traveler and soccer player studying Global Gender Studies at NYU, who has always been interested in finding creative ways to contribute to causes she cares about, and Catie, a writer and editor based in LA, who is exploring the intersection of art and activism. 

"no means no" hat:
$30 = cost of each hat
$12 = cost to make each hat (#America)
$6 = we each keep (bills, bills, bills)
$6 = we give to the Alliance

"consent is key" hat:
$30 = cost of each hat
$18 = cost to make each hat
$4.50 = we each keep
$3 = we give to Project Consent

Robin, our fashion guru who gave up her precious free time wandering into stores and capturing inspiration; Khalil, the banker who taught women's self-defense classes and gave us amazing business advice (and who had no idea he'd be so involved in this project, sorry K!); Karen and Marine, our brilliant photographers; Arizona Cap Company and Union Wear, our hat manufacturers (100% made in the USA and the employees are unionized).