BELIEVE ME is an apparel company started by two women who were sick of the normalization of sexual violence. Our designs feature anti-sexual violence and pro-consent messaging in order to empower people and start a dialogue. Part of the profits go directly to The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault,* an organization that works to stamp out sexual violence and provide support and resources for survivors. We hope to one day live in a world where a company like believe me does not need to exist. Until ALL our spaces are free from sexual assault and violence, we'll keep on creating empowering apparel. 

*Unless otherwise specified. 

THE FOUNDERS are Catie, a writer and (less official) illustrator who always flirted with the idea of designing clothes but never made the leapuntil BM became a thing, and Hana, an avid traveler and soccer player studying Global Gender Studies at  NYU, who has always been interested in finding creative ways to contribute to causes she cares about.

$30 = cost of each hat
$12 = cost to make each hat (#America)
$6 = we each keep (bills, bills, bills)
$6 = we give to the Alliance

Robin, our fashion guru who gave up her precious free time wandering into stores and capturing inspiration; Khalil, the banker who taught women's self defense classes and gave us amazing business advice (and who had no idea he'd be so involved in this project, sorry K!); Karen, our brilliant photographer; and Union Wear, our hat manufacturers (100% made in the USA and the employees are unionized).